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Mudança que vem de dentro

Polpas ricas em nutrientes e fibras, que combinam legumes, fruta e superalimentos sem qualquer aditivo. É esta a fórmula da INIU, que aposta ainda no método de criogenia alimentar, que garante a riqueza nutricional praticamente intacta até ao momento do consumo. 
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Em boa forma

Edição de Julho já nas bancas.
A sua revista feminina sobre moda, beleza, stars, lifestyle e agenda!
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Saber Viver

60 segundos

Edição de Junho já nas Bancas
A Saber Viver é mais do que uma revista. É a assistente pessoal que lhe diz o que deve fazer para melhorar a sua imagem, a sua saúde e a sua vida.
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Edição de Junho 2016 já nas bancas com destaque para a INIŪ
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NIT New in Town

Iniu: os novos sumos funcionais congelados (é só juntar água)

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Meios & Publicidade


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Noticias ao minuto

Iara Rodrigues lança sumos funcionais que ficam prontos em 60 segundos

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A Melhor Amiga da Barbie

Let's talk about Detox, baby?!

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Women`s Health

Alimentação Desintoxicante com INIU

Edição de Junho já nas bancas.
A sua revista feminina sobre moda, beleza, desporto, nutrição, saúde e bem-estar!

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What does it say who tried ...

  • "I love the taste and texture of each juice! They are perfect not only to start the day full of energy, but also in situations where I need an extra energy boost late in the afternoon and there is still a lot of work to do.

    • Ana Cristina Guilherme
    • Nutricionista
  • "In order to increase my stamina and strength to run marathons, I have looked for the best way to eat protein in a natural and tasty way. INIU’s PRE-WORKOUT juice gives me a good amount of natural protein and this reflects in my running."

    • João Gouveia
    • Founder
  • "I am a sports fan. I train every day, so I know how important it is to help the body restore its levels after doing physical exercise, in order to be balanced as well as to help cells absorb all the good energy they need."

    • Catarina Sabido
  • "I have an intense professional life, 3 daughters and I love playing sports! It is not always easy to reconcile everything ... With INIU’s ENERGIZING juice, I finally have more energy to embrace my daily challenges every morning." Joana Gouveia

    • Joana Borralho de Gouveia
  • "A must have! I have finally found the solution to my lack of patience in preparing a good breakfast. Now, in just a few seconds, I have the most complete breakfast ever! INIU is here to make our lives easy. Before and after working out... An extensive juice line everyone should try and see for themselves! "

    • Diana Jardim Abecassis
    • Lisboa
  • "These juices - have tasted them all - are wonderful, especially to start the day. Since I started taking INIU’s juice at breakfast, I now have the first meal of the day low in calories but very healthy and energy-giving. Any of the juices, despite all those ingredients often not having a very nice taste, are a fantastic combination that results in a great flavor. I am personally a big fan of the ANTI-CELLULITE juice. But the best thing of all is that you just need to take it from the freezer 15 minutes before, add water and put it in the blender: there is nothing quicker, easier and more practical. Congratulations to the team!"

    • Madalena Burnay
    • Lisboa
  • "I thought the juices were an excellent substitute for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. They are healthy, tasty and make you feel satiated quickly."

    • Raquel Dias
    • Lisboa
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